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Prescott Area ~ Wilderness Exploration & Fear of Snakes

Welcome to Prescott's Granite Dells

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The focus of my senior project encompasses an emphasis on herpetology surrounding the Prescott College environment in Yavapai County. The specific reasoning to support my decision to do this project is based substantially on my personal use of a Ball Python as an emotional support animal for several years. While my interest is not specifically in snakes, but in all reptiles to include desert tortoises, I believe that it is important that we understand the benefits and contributions of herpetological creatures in our southwestern environment. This is coupled with my area of competence in psychology. Since I encountered so many people who asserted that they were afraid of snakes and in fact, other reptiles as well, it allowed me to consider the importance of addressing current methodologies that focus on the treatments for phobias. This leaves an area of study of personal phobias that many people possess and would allow me to present modalities by which people could learn to modify or improve their ability to deal with specific phobias. The design of my project includes the development of a roster of venomous snakes and other reptiles that are commonly found in Yavapai County.

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